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Bogor Agricultural University Confered 225 Titles of Its Research Reports

A total of 225 titles of Research Reports were presented in the “Seminar Hasil-hasil Penelitian IPB Tahun 2011″ (Seminar on Research Results of Bogor Agricultural University for the Year 2011), on Monday-Tuesday, 12-13 December 2011, at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) of Bogor Agricultural University, Dramaga Campus, Bogor. The seminar was officially opened by the Head of Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB, Prof.Dr. Bambang Pramudya. Hundreds of research Reports on Food, Energy, Health, Social Economic and Culture, Natural Resources and Environment, and Technology and Engineering as well.

Director of LPPM in his remarks stressed that in 2012, the government has enacted a policy to decentralize research programs. Under the new policy a university will be given a certain quota. Thus, the new policy will require researchers of Bogor Agricultural University to compete with their own colleagues within the University, they no longer compete at the national level as they did in the previous years.

“For Bogor Agricultural University of course it would be drawbacks. But for other universities, this would be a good opportunities for them. We must admit, that up to now Bogor Agricultural University has been dominating in the acceptance of research funding. Even half of the total funds allocated for research programs by the Ministry of Agriculture went into the University. Therefore, we have to follow the new policy as the instrument to provide research funds equity for other universities in Indonesia, “said Prof. Bambang.

Prof Bambang yang didampingi Ketua Panitia Pelaksana Seminar, Dr Prastowo, dalam kesempatan ini juga mengharapkan kepada para peneliti untuk dapat mendaftarkan hak paten hasil penelitiannya, bisa masuk ke jurnal ilmiah, dan dapat mentransfer hasil penelitian tersebut kepada mahasiswa melalui perkuliahan. “Tidak hanya itu, masyarakat juga menunggu hasil penelitian para peneliti IPB. Karenanya, apa yang bisa diterapkan di masyarakat, kita akan bantu,” pungkas Prof Bambang.
Prof. Bambang who was accompanied by Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Seminar, Dr. Prastowo, expected that the researchers should be able to register to patent of their research results, publish them in the national or international scientific journals, or transfer the results of their studies to the students through their lectures. “Not only that, the communities at large have been waiting for the results of their studies. Therefore, what can be applied in the community, we will help, “concluded Prof. Bambang.

At the closing of the seminar the Organizing Comiittee selected the best researchers in each field of the university level for the 2011. The best researchers for 2011 are Prof.Dr.Ir. Roedhy Poerwanto, M.Sc., Dr. Ir Ruth Dewanti Hariyadi, M.Sc., Prof.Dr.Ir. Marimin, M.Sc., Prof.Dr.Ir. Armansyah H Tambunan, Dr. Utut Widyastuti, and Dr. Ki Agus Dahlan, from Food, Health, Social and Cultural Rights Economic, Energy, Natural Resources and Environment, and Technology and Engineering respectively.

Then, it was followed by the Interactive Dialogue with the Assistant Deputy Public Productivity Science & Technology of the Ministry of Research and Technology (Kemenristek) RI, Drs. Darwadi Anwar, the Head of the Center for Agricultural Mechanization Development of the Research Develpment of the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) RI, Dr. Astu Unadi, and Head of Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) Bogor Agricultural University, Prof.Dr. Bambang Pramudya. The Interactive Dialogue was guided by the LPPM Deputy Chief for Research, Prof. Ronny M Noor Rachman. The Seminar was officially closed by the Vice Rector for Research and Cooperation of Bogor Agricultural University, Prof.Dr. Miftah Anas Fauzi. (Wied)

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